Beginning 2016 Apiter opened a state of the art new pharmaceutical plant. This plant was developed with a double purpose, one to handle it´s own procedures and the other to provide the capability to outsource production services to local and foreign customers.


Uruguay legal framework allows work under temporary admission. This option allows to add value to merchandise destined for consumers outside the country. According to this, it’s possible to import base ingredients and re export the finished product. In this way, our services can be outsourced to customers all over the world.


We work with teams of highly qualified personnel, specially trained for each process.


Our pharmaceutical plant is located on km 27.5 of Route 101, Canelones.

This location sets it a few kilometers outside Montevideo, just 3km away from the Science Park and the outer road ring, 8km from Zonamerica and 7km from Carrasco Airport. On this spot that has seen the highest industrial development of the last years, our location allows us to create synergy and reduce logistical cost for our clients.


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Dr. Carlos Ma. de Pena 4469,
12900 Montevideo - Uruguay

Phone: (598) 23048858* - Fax: (598) 23096426

Production Plant Route 101 Km 27.500

Phone: (598) 22880755

Mondays to Fridays from 8:00 to 17:00 hs