Apiter Laboratories is a regional company, founded in 1978 with the goal of developing products for healthcare and wellness, leveraged with a natural resource with proven therapeutic qualities: Propolis.

This leverage was acquired delving into research, with technological development and industrialization of the production process for Propolis extract: identifying active ingredients of its pharmaceutical, veterinary, cosmetic and nutraceutical formulations. Consequently a quality management system was implemented to involve the regional apicultural sector increasing its productivity and promoting environmental care.

With the goal of continuing to provide efficient solutions to healthcare requirements, Apiter Laboratories widens its product line, developing formulations with different active ingredients providing appropriate options for different aspects of healthcare, wellness and prevention.

Known to be a constantly evolving company with a strong focus on research and innovation, Apiter Laboratories upholds its philosophy and values on its commitment to quality, product sustainability, motivated across the whole organization sharing its work in an environment of trust, ethic and respect.


Around 1930, a descendant of Swiss and German immigrants, Alfonso Roth started venturing into beekeeping, adding this activity to others like poultry farming, rabbit breeding and wine growing that he was developing on his family farm on Nueva Helvecia (Colonia Suiza), Uruguay.

Years later, working along his two sons they focused exclusively on beekeeping, making the farms production adequate for export and adding value by implementing a homogenization process.

In the 70s natural Propolis began to be collected, as it gained commercial value for the first time in Uruguay from being exported to some markets on the European Economic Community.

At the same time, research and development began into technologies for obtaining propolis extract. As a consequence of the extract production and the financial backing of Granja Alfonso Roth (GAR), Apiter Laboratories is founded in 1978 in Uruguay and in 1984 Quemidur, its subsidiary in Argentina.

Since then, Apiter Laboratories has developed Propolis based products for the improvement of human and animal health, rising to be the regional leader in this sectors; continuously furthering research and obtaining a Propolis extract of unprecedented pharmaceutical quality in the world; setting new challenges to innovate and constantly advance on its contribution to society’s health and wellness.


From its beginnings Apiter Laboratories has been dedicated to research and development of technology related to farming, processing and formulation of Propolis to achieve traceability and stability of its active ingredients.

Seeing the value of this product for its health benefits, Apiter Laboratories pioneered awareness of Propolis collection for beekeepers of the region who used to discard it as a subproduct during cleaning and maintenance of beehives. Apiter also implemented natural Propolis farming with specially designed nets for bees to deposit the majority of their Propolis production, obtaining a fresh, less contaminated product with higher polyphenols concentration.

With the commitment to research and develop formulations to leverage the therapeutic benefits of this natural resource, in 1980 Apiter Laboratories launches in the Uruguayan market the first line of Propolis based pharmaceutical products, unprecedented at a regional and international level. Apiter's leadership in this field of pharmaceutical industry gained recognition in the Expo-Sevilla’92 as an Innovating Company from Uruguay amongst the 100 top innovating companies in Latin America.

Concurrently, for more than 10 years Apiter maintained an academic and technological exchange with the Universities of Tamagawa and Shizuoka in Japan, regarding the properties and composition of Uruguayan Propolis.

After this, strategic alliances were established with the faculty of Science and Chemistry of the National University and the Technological Pole of Pando, as well as with analysis laboratories from New Zealand and Germany, furthering the study and formulation of Propolis extract to obtain a standardized produce capable of meeting the pharmaceutical qualities and requirements of international markets.

Research and development of technology that involves interaction with these organizations is part of a High Impact Innovation Project approved by the National Agency for Research and Innovation (ANII). This project also involves a engineering of the company products and processes that begins by qualifying and certifying the beekeeper producers, pioneering a quality management program unprecedented in Uruguay that ensures a traceability criteria.

Beyond technological advances, this initiative goes further than the company, improving productivity and quality of all beehive products.

In reference to this project, Apiter Laboratories was awarded the Nova Prize 2010 for its innovation on the development of pharmaceutical quality Propolis extract, recognizing its social and economical impact, and the knowledge contribution that flows through its products to the rest of the world.